Journalism, Law and Freedom

The Journalism, Law and Freedom Research Group was established at the IEA (Institute for Advanced Studies) on October 9, 2019. The IEA group has a transdisciplinary character and it is linked to the Department of Journalism and Editing of the School of Communication and Arts of USP. The coordination consists of members of the NEV-USP working with the research area of Public Opinion.

The main goal of the group is to deepen the research, understanding and public/academic debate on the genealogy of press practices (seen as an institution independent from the State); the self-regulatory principles which historically constituted them; and the multiple normative patters – their own (spontaneously and voluntarily adopted by its practitioners), social (presented by the society’s or market’s demands, without state mediation) and from the state (positive law and government or judicial control mechanisms) – which act upon them.

The Project includes the analysis of empirical contemporary cases on Journalism ethics and deontology, and its tensions and combinations with the imperatives of the economy, of politics, of law, of culture, of technologies and of the digital universe more broadly.

In terms of its academic routine, the group have monthly collective meetings for reading and discussing theoretical works and ongoing researches, it organizes scientific events and publications on journalism and related areas such as law, sociology, political science, philosophy, literature and arts.

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