NEV offers elective classes for the São Paulo Police Officers Training Course

In May and June, the Center for the Study of Violence of the University of São Paulo (NEV-USP) offered elective classes for the Police Officers Training Course, promoted by the Center for Advanced Studies on Security (CAES) of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo (PMSP). Over the course of five days, 49 military police officers in São Paulo attended in-person classes as part of their continuous training (a requirement for their career progression) at the University of São Paulo.

The course plan was organized by NEV researcher Viviane Cubas. The opening lecture was delivered by NEV Coordinator Marcos César Alvarez and Fernando Salla, a senior researcher at the Center, in which they addressed the topic of State, Society, and Public Security. Thiago Oliveira (Nuffield College – England), an associated researcher at the NEV, discussed the topic of “Procedural Justice”. In turn, Fernanda Cruz, Frederico Castelo Branco, Renato Alves, and Viviane Cubas explored themes related to police activity. Maria Gorete Marques de Jesus debated the judiciary while Bruno Paes Manso addressed the issue of organized crime.

The NEV has engaged in interactions and dialogues with police corporations, both for research purposes and for the transfer and dissemination of knowledge, having been invited in recent years to lecture classes at the headquarters of the Barro Branco Police Academy. In this particular occasion, classes were offered as elective subjects in the scope of the Higher Police Course. The partnership represents an important step in the articulation between the NEV and the Military Police of São Paulo.


Click in the pictures below to see in a galery view (Cristina Uchôa and Renato Alves / NEV-USP)