Network of Public Security Observatories

In May of 2019, the Center for the Study of Violence of the University of São Paulo joined a network of institutions and activists permanently organized to monitor public security policies, with an emphasis on police violence, and to create debate forums and spaces for dialogue between institutions, researchers, and activists that may result in products, actions, and projects to investigate violence in its different dimensions, with emphasis on transversal themes and practices such as technology, democracy, racism, among others.

The observatory was structured by the Center for Studies on Public Security and Citizenship (CESeC) of the Cândido Mendes University, in Rio de Janeiro, and has the participation of the NEV, the Black Initiative for a New Drug Policy (BA), the Laboratory for Studies on Violence of the Federal University of Ceará (CE); and the Popular Organizations Office for Legal Counsel (PE).

In their first two months of activities, the networks have monitored indicators, statistics, data and facts pertaining to violence and public security in their respective states from many different sources, including specific themes.

The goal is to produce 16 categories from this data collection to assess the situation within the five different states regarding femicide and violence against women; racism and racial injury; violence against the LGBTQ+ population; religious intolerance; violence against children and teenagers; lynching; armed violence; actions and attacks by criminal groups; demonstrations, strikes and protests; violence, abuse and excesses by State agents; policing; violence against State agents; police corruption; mass killings; penitentiary system and socio-educational system.

In order to go beyond the available official data, the research will resort to civil society organizations and the press as well as the Access to Information Act.

The inauguration event for the Network of Public Security Observatories took place on May 28, 2018.

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Network Inauguration

At the National Historical Museum of Rio de Janeiro, activists, actors, and researchers from the field of public safety gathered together and were invited to speak. Many expressed their astonishment at the support of society and the government for the violence in the country’s streets and prisons.

Social Networks

The Network of Public Security Observatories has made use of social networks to post photos, videos, analyses, and news about its members on Facebook and Instagram.