PODHE – Project Human Rights Observatory in Schools

The Human Rights Observatory in Schools Project (PODHE) is a human rights education initiative that provides training and experience in human rights to teenagers and youth through the construction of a collaborative space for human rights monitoring.

The creation of the Observatories is grounded on the students’ own experiences and perspectives about their daily lives as they collect and organize information about rights and their violations (within the school environment and in the neighborhood) and propose collective transformations.

Activities have been taking place since 2017 in public schools in the city of São Paulo through weekly workshops, during normal school hours, in partnership with different teachers and across different subjects. The work is carried out with students in the 6th grade of Elementary School and 1st grade of High School, in addition to contributions in some teachers’ meetings. The project is currently developed in 3 schools: Escola Municipal Bernardo O’Higgins, Escola Estadual Professora Amélia Kerr Nogueira, and Escola Estadual Dr. Ubaldo Costa Leite.

The PODHE values workshops that merge movement, playfulness, and diversity when it comes to artistic and technological languages, such as theater dynamics, storytelling, music, conversations, games, video productions, writing in school journals. The topics addressed with the participants include workshops on attentive listening, life stories and ancestry, empathy, gender equality, ethnic-racial diversity, and emotional health.

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