Candidates called for phase 2 in Call for proposals for post-doctoral fellowships on RIDC (CEPID) Program

8 de December de 2023

The Center for the Study of Violence at the University of São Paulo announces the list of candidates called for phase 2 of the selection for post-doctoral fellowships in the Institutional Research Program “Building Democracy Daily: Human Rights, Violence, and Institutional Trust,” supported by the São Paulo Research Foundation (CEPID-FAPESP), according to the Notice published on November 6.

All people on the list above will be contacted through the email address informed in the registration, with a message confirming the date, time and access data for an online interview.

Beatriz Besen de Oliveira
Bruna Ferrari Pereira
Daniela Cristina Neves de Oliveira
Federico Luis Abiuso
Heder Leandro Rocha
Hellen Cristina Silva de Oliveira
Isadora Vianna Sento-Sé
João Gabriel Calil de Carvalho Couri
José Welhinjton Cavalcante Rodrigues
Julio Marinho Ferreira
Lucas e Silva Batista Pilau
Marcela de Oliveira Nunes
Mariana Ferreira Vieira
Natália Redigolo
Rosângela Teixeira Gonçalves
Thiago Filippo Silva Jorge
Veronica Isabel Pedro Ferreira
Willian Alvarez


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