Urban Space and Health

The partnership between researchers from the NEV-USP and the IEA Urban Space and Health (EUS) Study Group, both comprising interdisciplinary teams of scientists and experts, seeks to produce knowledge and promote a critical reflection on quality of life and the different rights violations that occur within urban contexts.

The two teams were brought together by their efforts to promote further opportunities for the Dissemination of Knowledge and Transfer of Technology within the scope of the NEV’s CEPID project. This approach arose naturally after the initial contacts, and the partnership soon evolved into a pilot project called “System of indicators for mortality, morbidity, crime and exposure to violence”. The project consists of a quantitative study in which the units of analysis are the intraurban areas of the city of São Paulo. The aim is to analyze the records of health and public safety agents, geocoded, to broaden our knowledge of the inequities associated with the urban context and thus propose recommendations to reduce inequalities within the city of São Paulo.

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UrbanSus Cycle – Urban Sustainability: Innovation in Urban Public Policies

The UrbanSus seminar cycle will present the theme “Innovation in Urban Public Policies”. The cycle, featured in Panel III under the topic innovation in public security, will have the presence of Luís Gustavo Nonato (CeMEAI), Marcelo Batista Nery, Bruno Paes Manso, and Letícia Pereira Simões Gomes (NEV), among others.