Special projects


Logotipo do PODHE

The Project Human Rights Observatory in Schools (PODHE) is a human rights education initiative that provides training and experience in human rights to teenagers and youth through the construction of a collaborative space for human rights monitoring. Learn More

Network of Public Security Observatories

Network of Public Security Observatories

The Network of Public Security Observatories emerged in May 2019, bringing together institutions and activists from five Brazilian states with two objectives: to monitor public security policies, with an emphasis on police violence, and to create debate forums and spaces that result in products, actions, and projects to investigate violence in its different dimensions. The partnership was arranged by the Center for Studies on Public Security and Citizenship (CESeC) and counts with the participation of the NEV (SP), the Black Initiative for a New Drug Policy (BA), the Laboratory for Studies on Violence of the Federal University of Ceará (EC), and the Popular Organizations Office for Legal Counsel (PE). Learn More.

Violence Monitor

The Violence Monitor is a partnership between the NEV, the Brazilian Public Security Forum, and the G1 news portal. It began in September 2017 as an attempt to discuss violence in the country and seek out ways to address these issues by merging accessible journalistic language and the human sciences. The project has since discussed issues such as prisons, police killings, homicides, and femicides. Learn More.


A computer system developed in a partnership between the NEV and the CeMEAI, Mirante analyzes thousands of census tracts in the city of São Paulo and their respective criminal records. With the resources made available, the user may explore and understand the dynamics of crime across specific city locations.

Journalism, Law and Freedom

The Journalism, Law and Freedom Research Group was established at the IEA (Institute for Advanced Studies) on October 9, 2019 and its coordination consists of members of the NEV. The goal is to promote research, knowledge, and the academic and public debate on the genealogy of media practices, its historical self-regulating principles, as well as its multiple normative standards.

USP Global Cities

A partnership between the Institute for Advanced Studies and the NEV hopes to promote knowledge transfer to civil society and public administrators, as well as to strengthen the connection between research institutions and the community beyond the academic environment. Learn more.

Urban Space and Health

The Urban Space and Health Study Group of the Institute of Advanced Studies and NEV researchers seeks to produce knowledge and promote a critical reflection on quality of life and the different rights violations within urban contexts. Learn more.