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Clifford E. Griffin, who holds a PhD from the University of Rochester, NY, is an Associate Professor of Political Science in the School of Public and International Affairs at North Carolina State University. He has had more than three decades of research, publication, teaching, commenting and consulting on all aspects of Latin American and Caribbean Political Economy, including political economy and political sociology, drug trafficking, money laundering and crime (national and transnational), migration (legal and illegal), and trade, development and security. He is author of three books:  A Historical Dictionary of United States-Caribbean Relations (With Jacqueline Braveboy-Wagner), 2017; The Race for Fisheries and Hydrocarbons in the Caribbean Basin: The Barbados-Trinidad and Tobago Maritime Dispute, 2007;  Hand  Democracy and Neoliberalism in the Developing World: Lessons From the Anglophone Caribbean, (1997).  Among the outlets in which his 40-plus peer-reviewed articles and book chapters appear are the: Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, Journal of Democracy, Journal of Social and Economic Studies, Journal of Caribbean Studies, and Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Affairs. He is a member of the Caribbean Studies Association, Society for Caribbean Studies, International Studies Association and the Global South Caucus, Latin American Studies Association, and Haitian Studies Association. He is also Contributing Editor to the Handbook of Latin American Studies, at the Library of Congress. His ongoing collaborations include a) University of London’s Institute of the Americas research project, Westminster in the Caribbean: History, Legacies, Challenges; b) University of São Paulo Center for the Study of Violence project, Building Democracy Daily: Human Rights, Violence and Institutional Trust; and c) University of São Paulo Center for the Study Public Policy project, Brazil, 25 Years of Democracy—A Critical Survey: Public Policy, Institutions, Civil Society and Civic Culture — 1988-2013. He is also Fulbright Distinguished Chair of International Relations at the International Relations Institute, University of São Paulo, 2022-23.


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Clifford E. Griffin

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