Clarice Divino Carvalhinho Lopes


Clarice Lopes holds a BA in Social Sciences from the University of Sao Paulo and is currently pursuing a licentiate degree in Social Sciences at the same university. She concluded her Scientific Initiation Project at the Center for the Study of Violence (NEV) of the University of Sao Paulo, under the guidance of Dr. Sérgio França Adorno, researching the urbanization and occupation processes of the Vila Andrade neighborhood in São Paulo. She also concluded an international exchange program at the University of Leeds in England for a period of six months. She is a researcher at the Center for the Study of Violence, where she works in the Project Observatory of Human Rights in Schools, developing awareness and educational activities for promoting knowledge and monitoring of human rights within the school environment and in the students’ everyday experiences.

Academic Background

2013 - 2016
Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences.
University of Sao Paulo, USP, Brazil.

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